Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You May Ask Yourself - How Did I Get Here?

It was just about 5 months ago that I suddenly found myself unemployed for the first time since I left college 30 years ago. Like so many others, I had very little financial cushion and I needed to find income right away. I found myself joining the new economy as a freelancer, using what I had learned in my career and the extensive network of contacts that I had built to put myself in business for myself.

I know a lot about my area of expertise - managing information technology resources, mostly for colleges and universities as well as other organizations - but I knew nothing about being in business. Of the many surprises that I have had, one has been how many great tools and resources there are that can help build a business, fast. Already I find that I'm giving hints and referrals for great tools to my counterpart freelancers and consultants, so I thought it would be a good topic for a new blog - The Digital Freelancer.

Much of what I will write will be about online tools that you can use to generate invoices, manage projects, keep your books, find new clients, and save time. My relationship to time is completely different than it was as an employee. And along the way I'll share some of the other things I've learned. We'll take a look at some of the technologies that I've found invaluable, and I hope that you'll share some that you have found.

Thanks for finding me here at The Digital Freelancer - I hope you find it time well-spent!

- Michael


  1. sign me up! This first post would be a good "about" page -- you can add a text widget to your sidebar and link to it so it becomes like static navigation.

    I keep meaning to make my business accounting spreadsheet available to others. Probably something I'll get done when in AZ.

  2. Thanks - I edited it down a bit and did just that!