Saturday, April 4, 2009

What Do I Have in Common with a 30-Year Old ex-Tagger?

There's a fascinating article in the Los Angeles Times today about Mister Cartoon, a very successful (freelance) commercial artist. I was really impressed by this comment at the end that represents the attitude that led to his success. Most of us will never be as successful as he is, but we can all learn from his determination, dedication, and focus:
"I don't expect a trophy or a cookie or a pat on the back," Cartoon said. "I made a decision to change my life and help my family."

That decision resulted in the clarity to pursue his ambitions. But to hear the artist tell it, making good on those plans is also a matter of following the rules.

"Am I gifted or especially talented?" Cartoon said. "No. I got all this through hard work. Through respecting my old man. From taking direction from people. From painting when everyone else was asleep. I just found something I really love and practiced at it my whole life."

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  1. Nice. I like being reminded of this, that perseverence and hard work matter a great deal.